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Female bodybuilders are some of the hardest working members of the wider fitness community. Their gains are a triumph of discipline, ambition, military-precise training and nutrition, and with the return of Ms Olympia to the Mr Olympia Weekend, as well as the resurgence in popularity of the female bodybuilder on Instagram, outstanding female bodybuilders are sculpting stunning physiques and breaking records.

The names on this list are some of the biggest in bodybuilding, from young female bodybuilders in their 20s, to mature female bodybuilders competing well into their 50s.

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Download our FREE comprehensive prospectus today, and learn more about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals! Andrea Shaw is an American female bodybuilder. Shaw began muscle building at 17 with the guidance and support of her mother, a nurse and former personal trainer. Andrea was placed 2nd at the Nationals and 1st in the Lenda Murray Detroit Classic, marking the start of her hugely successful physique competition career. However, at the Toronto Pro inshe spoke to judge and bodybuilding legend Lenda Murray, arguably the best women bodybuilder of the last 50 years, who encouraged her to switch divisions from physique to bodybuilding.

Shaw took her advice to heart, entering the Chicago Pro as a bodybuilder. The ripped female bodybuilder came second by 1 point in just her first tournament as a bodybuilder. Andrea went on to win Ms Olympia and Ms Rising Phoenix champion two of the most prestigious, huge female bodybuilder tournamentsmaking her the biggest female bodybuilder in the world at the time.

Her drive to become the most successful female bodybuilder is clear, and her mindset matches that of a champion competitor. An intelligent challenger, Melina prefers to focus her drive into understanding her limitations and overcoming them, maximising her potential as an athlete as opposed to allowing herself to become fixated on winning alone.

Striking a balance, this young female bodybuilder takes time to rest in the offseason, allowing her mind and body to recuperate, and living a normal life as she prepares for her next IFBB Elite Pro World Championship. Our guide to the importance of rest days and how many you need outlines the importance of resting properly, and how it can affect your workouts for the better. Monique was a natural athlete and began training at 13 when her father got a set of weights.

Monique says she began using them and felt an "instant connection with this kind of training. Andrulla Blanchette is a UK female bodybuilder who actively competed in various bodybuilding championships from tomaking her one of the most decorated British female bodybuilders. She had an illustrious career as a huge female bodybuilder, competing in various IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding tournaments, and earning wins in both the World Games in and the Ms Olympia competition in Nowadays, this highly regarded British female bodybuilder owns her own personal training gym, dispensing advice and tips to the next generation of UK female bodybuilders.

In Yaxeni won the Ms Olympia title, making her one of the most successful female bodybuilders ever, as the only Venezuelan-American to win the title. At 54 years old, mature female bodybuilder Yaxeni says she loves training and following a healthy lifestyle as it keeps her feeling young, motivated by a genuine love for her sport and a drive to inspire and motivate others to live their healthiest life.

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Theresa Ivancik is a professional female bodybuilder for the IFBB Pro League and certified personal trainer ranked 6th in the world for female bodybuilding. She achieved a 6th place finish at the Rising Phoenix World Championships. Inthis ripped female bodybuilder won the Lenda Murray Norfolk Pro show qualifying her for the Rising Phoenix World Championships, as well as being placed 6th Theresa won the best poser award, and an invitation to guest pose on the Olympia expo stage.

This ripped female bodybuilder also works with Wings of Strength, an inspiring company advocating for female bodybuilding. Ivancik said: "Wings of Strength gives us women the opportunities to be who we want to be and show the world that we are female bodybuilding! She hit the gym and began developing healthy eating habits, and, after eight months of regaining her health, she said she felt empowered by her transformation.

Pecini made her debut as a bodybuilder in Rio de Janeiro in Strong and thriving, Pecini triumphed in her fight against anorexia, won her pro card at the age of 19 and shares what she has learned via her website. The ripped female bodybuilder earned her pro status at the Universe Championships in going on to win the Chicago Pro.

Sarah is the Fitness Director at AFS Premier Fitness, and an expert in nutrition and personal training supporting hundreds in accomplishing life-changing fitness transformations. Sarah places her achievements down to discipline and hard work qualities she encourages in her personal training clientsand this industrious huge female bodybuilder fully intends to return to the Olympia stage in Become a Personal Trainer with OriGym!

A victim of teenage bullying, Shanique had deep-rooted issues with confidence and self-esteem. Partying as a coping mechanism, she was hospitalised with near kidney failure in her teen years. Turning to fitness she reinvented herself, and at 19 Shanique won first place in the East Coast Championships.

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Shanique began training for the Olympia competition in but was forced to withdraw as she recovered from a violent attack by three women in August Shanique suffered moderate nerve damage and torn muscle tissue, losing almost 1 litre of blood. After physical therapy, she pulled back and repeated her year's win for women's physique at the New York Pro in May Shanique was placed second at the Olympia.

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Shanique formally announced her retirement from competitive bodybuilding on her YouTube channel in Dr Stefi Cohen, a wildly popular female bodybuilder on Instagram, and an icon in the strength community and physical therapist, holds a multitude of world records, as well as a state gold medal in Olympic weightlifting. Cohen currently holds the record in both squat and deadlift with a Stefi is also the co-owner of Hybrid Performance Method, a coaching company that helps their clients accomplish their athletic and aesthetic goals.

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In Cohen dropped to a lower weight class to continue setting new all-time world records, weighing just She capped this off with 3 brand new world records, bringing her total of world records to an incredible 25! A ripped female bodybuilder and American fitness model, Carriejune Anne Bowlby has been on a years-long journey from slender to strong, amassing 1. This female bodybuilder on Instagram is an inspiration to her followers worldwide. Carriejune began exercising at school with track and field, gymnastics and cheerleading. She moved onto weight-lifting when she hit her first year of secondary school.

Carriejune works out 6 days a week, documenting her journey on her platform which she uses to motivate others. She follows a strict nutritional regime, too, ensuring she can maintain the physique she wants. Beatriz trains five to six times per week, dedicating each workout to a different muscle group, switching up her routine to prevent her muscles from adapting. Her hard work and dedication ensures she can maintain her incredibly well-defined physique, and continue to compete at the highest level. This ripped female bodybuilder is a firm believer that women can lift just as much as men, and her training regime and diet support this idea.

She competed in her first Olympia that same year and herniated multiple discs in her back to be told by her doctor she would never compete again. Over the course of eight years of rehabilitation, this heavyweight female bodybuilder recovered and recuperated.

Trevino wants to inspire women into bodybuilding. Competing in the industry since the 90s, the huge female bodybuilder has seen women move from wanting to be very slender to a desire to be strong and fit, and she wants to pave the way for female empowerment and gender equality. Trevino hosts mind and training technique seminars around the world as well as offering private mental strength sessions where she teaches how to discipline and strengthen the mind. A former Marine Corps sergeant like her father before her, Margie had dreams of becoming a bodybuilder, inspired as by powerful heroines such as She-Ra: Princess of Power and Tigress from ThunderCats.

And if motivation is an area where you struggle, check out our selection of the best fitness podcasts to keep you motivated. Heavyweight female bodybuilder Nataliya Kuznetsova has amassed nearly half a million followers on Instagram. Nataliya holds the world arm lifting, bench press, and deadlift titles, as well as the European bench press and deadlift titles on the benefits of deadlifts in our comprehensive article.

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Breaking three junior powerlifting records at the World Championship, year-old Jessica Buettner is a Canadian powerlifter who won the silver medal at the IPF World Championship in Helsingborg. The young female bodybuilder has competed in sixteen events since her debut. Her career is just starting to take off, so this young female bodybuilder is certainly one to watch for the future!

Arguably one of the most recognisable American-British female bodybuilders, Gayle Moher has had an impressive career spanning across multiple decades and a host of tournaments in a wide variety of countries. What makes this more impressive is that this American-British female bodybuilder had already competed 3 times in that same year!

If that sounds like your ideal fitness paradise, get prepared with our ultimate guide to gym etiquette! Ranked as the best female bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro Women's Bodybuilding Ranking ListAmerican professional female bodybuilder Iris Floyd Kyle holds seventeen titles including ten overall Ms Olympia wins, the most Olympia wins of anyone, male or female, making her the most successful female bodybuilder ever.

Moving to California in the early nineties Iris was surrounded by physically fit and inspirational people and wanted to obtain a similar sculpted physique - our article on how to get a summer body has tips and tricks on achieving your dream body.

Iris recalls the first time she saw a photo of Lenda Murray in a magazine and how she had been completely in awe. Kyle began her winning streak with the Long Beach Muscle Classic. In JulyIris announced she would be returning to compete at Ms Olympia, making her one of the most formidable mature female bodybuilders to compete against.

Cydney Gillon is a professional bodybuilder, three-time Figure Olympia Champion, and contestant on Survivor lasting a total of 37 days in the game. With both her parents being competitive bodybuilders, Cydney Gillon had an early start in fitness and an appreciation for the discipline necessary for fitness.

Gillon has been placed in the top ten of every pro show she has ever competed in. This female bodybuilder on Instagram not only has a hard-earned physique, but she also has almost half a million followers! Juliana sees her mission in life as one to motivate and help others, describing fitness as a passion which should be practised with respect, devotion and joy. Even though she rarely competes, Juliana keeps herself in competitive shape motivating and inspiring her followers.

Her aim is to inspire and push others to achieve their own goals. USA With her husband Rob Bailey, Dana owns 'The Warhouse' gym, a state of the art training facility for pro bodybuilders featuring top of the line equipment brands such as Rogue, Legend, Hammer Strength, and Life Fitness as well as custom made pieces.

This specialist equipment is ideal for more advanced workouts - our report on the best kettlebell leg exercises has something for even the strongest fitness fanatic! The Baileys own a clothing brand Flag Nor Fail, catering to pros in the fitness community who may struggle to find their sizea supplement brand Run Everything Labs, which includes pre-workout blends and thermogenic supplementsand DLB Daily, an online training program.

Any bodybuilding females

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