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Our principles are focused on safety and flexibility. Welcome to The Pole House. Widely known as the most photographed house on the Great Ocean Road, and probably Australia! Recently renovated, The Pole House now adds a luxurious modern setting to a holiday experience like no other.

Whilst carefully planned and crafted, The Pole House is not about accommodation, nor is it about facilities or amenities, of which it has many, The Pole House is about the experience. Picture yourself waking to the sound of crashing waves, opening your eyes to find yourself suspended above the most spectacular coastline in the country. The Pole House is adventure, so take yourself to the edge and indulge in one of the most unique, iconic and awe inspiring destinations.

Sea you there…. Cheese platter and sparkling wine for illustrative purposes only NOT supplied. I'm not going to lie, it was a big challenge to me to walk over the bridge and around the balcony — but it was totally worth it! Decades pass between the composition of one great symphony and another.

Its just as infrequent that an architect des and builds a house that becomes iconic, even famous.

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One quickly comes to the end of the list. The avant garde is not so rare. Neither is the excellent. But the avant-garde and excellent together is achieved so seldom we can hold the names of these select few in our he. The Pole House at Fairhaven was built by Frank Dixon and instantly became a landmark, a manmade natural attraction, a concrete apostle, a sentinel guarding the eastern gate to The Great Ocean Road. It was built by the ancients in the seventies, a time before computers and ring ro when the coast was a rumour, and it became a totem in a far place.

Children in cars heading down the coast held competitions to see who could spot it first. It became such a shared part of the landscape people stopped to take photos, and as you stand on its balcony with a drink in your hand people wave from passing cars and toot their horns as if you hold some honourary position. Its current owners call this being anonymously famous. Driving past the Pole House these last thirty-odd years Id always wondered what it would be like looking down from the inside out across the sea. It turns out to be one of those rare experiences that exceed expectations like Paris or the Great Barrier Reef.

The house has just been redeed by Franco Fiorentini from F2 Architecture and is a brilliant new statue on an already famous pedestal. The first feeling one has at the Pole House is a vertiginous thrill based on altitude and distance, as if you are Leonardo DiCaprio leaning high out over the water off the front of a mighty ship as it cuts through rolling swell.

Apprehension and awe mingle as the house sways gently. You are both airborne and seaborne, having left land, and the very Earth, behind. I cant believe this. The house is a blaze of architectural brio. The taps have lights hidden in their mouths shining down along the bubbling paths of falling water, and alongside each light a diode, so when the water is cold it is blue, as the temperature rises to warm it turns purple and by the time the water is hot it is bright red. The couches recline and stretch at button-press.

Blinds covering two whole walls rise at the press of another button, uncovering half the world. The main room curves around a central bathroom pod clad in burnt ash panels. In front of the floor-to-ceiling window a suspended fireplace hangs from its own chimney essentially a fire burning in a cold sea. The floor is a dark stone the Medicis might have trod. For all this, architectural features really have no ificant place in the wonder of this house. Its defining and beguiling feature is that the sea and sky are in the room.

The rumbling surf and two hundred degrees of ocean with a vast superstructure of cloud overhead. The mood of the house is set by the mood of these elements. Subservient to a constantly changing ant of light, cloud, wave and colour.

Dramatic reefs of fire to the west as the sun goes down, while in the East saturated purples fall to night. The closer you are to the sky the more its intricacies are laid bare. You soon understand this room might hold a thousand different sunsets. Another thousand dawns. In here, as part of the sea and sky, each day will be an entity set apart from those before and to come. The land is a lesser, peripheral, presence. But you could study it all day from up here.

Fifty kilometres of coast. The hills ripple and fold with the passing sun. Like no other house on the shipwreck coast you have the feeling you are perched on the edge of a vast unknown. Its a rare sensation.

And at El Questro Station, sitting clifftop with the infinite Kimberly laid out below. At the Pole House you are at a frontier, the edge of the world you know and the beginning of some other exotic sphere. Its a mood, a portal to another place Antarctica or ease somewhere further away than you were expecting. Everything we needed was there History of the house very interesting Will recommend to friends. The pole house was amazing. The view is spectacular and we spent most of our time there just staring out at the water with the big sliding doors open listening to the waves.

The bed, pillows and couch were comfortable, everything was clean and worked well, and we arrived to a welcome hamper of local goodies. The kitchen has a hot plate and all you need to cook with. We loved every minute there! We stayed one night for our anniversary The view is totally amazing We felt for the money the bed and TV could be improved. We are completely thrilled that we got to spend some time staying at The Pole House. It is an experience that is everything you hoped for - and more!

The layout and natural flow of the superb de makes you feel like you are in a much bigger place - yet is has absolutely everything you could possibly need! That's not even to mention the breath taking views all the way up and down the coast. Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and all you can see is the beach and the waves!

It is wonderful. Its fair to say its all about the view, great modern accommodation but not overcomplicated, no extra creature comforts like spa baths but you don't need it. Only suggestion is to provide milk for the coffee machine and perhaps a complimentary bottle of sparkling may be warranted for such an iconic location.

We spent a weekend at the Pole house on a hot still summer weekend.

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For this alone it is worth booking. Almost perfect, but not quite For several decades we have travelled passed this iconic piece of architecture and often wondered what it would be like inside. Well we booked it!! We would thoroughly recommend the Pole House to anyone wishing to spoil themselves or celebrate a special occasion. The accommodation was well appointed and comfortable with everything needed for our stay.

The degree views were just amazing from the Aireys lighthouse to Lorne and beyond. Spent 2 nights at the pole house. The staff at the real estate were extremely helpful. The house itself was clean and very comfortable. And a added extra was the car is safe under cover. We have rebooked for 6 mths time.

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Highly recommend. Wow, this is truly spectacular. Came to celebrate my 50th the view, the fireplace and the two doors opening up to the ocean is truly spectacular, be warned though, it is extremely difficult to leave which may cause anxiety. Stunning property, top location however dust found in drawers, finger prints on a glass and a dirty tea stain in a cup. For the hefty price of this property it should be pristine. A very expensive property but beautiful location. The house is an amazing once in a lifetime stay, however the bed was extremely uncomfortable and the linen and kitchenware were below the standard you would expect for the price.

The expectation of clients putting the bins out when the owners occupy the house behind is beyond comprehension. Also, if you have thick hair BYO hairdryer is recommended. Finally stayed at the pole house after all these years of wanting to with my partner. Upon arrival 1 hour after planned checkin the window cleaner was parked in the deated parking spot and still had to clean all the windows which gave no privacy at the beginning of our stay and delayed us being able to unpack and relax.

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