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Register Now - It's Free! User Name Remember Me? Go to How do you feel about "being" a Cocksucker? Many have started thre dealing with the specific activity of sucking cock and giving blowjobs, but not many about the dynamic of "being" a "Cocksucker". I actually love being a Cocksucker!

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I love the slutty way it makes me feel to admit to myself and to select others that I will eagerly drop to my knees to perform an act that is considered by many to be perverted and depraved! To call someone a cocksucker is seen as the supreme insult, yet I revel in the role!

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I take pride in my oral abilities and in having the power to reduce men to quivering orgasms! SilverDrake is offline. I gag as he forces himself down my throat, holding it there as I drool He fucks my mouth, calling me a cocksucker, a little cum whore, and he's right. I live for his cum in my mouth, on my face. I live to please him, to make him cum, and then to have him spoon me until he is hard again and he can rightfully take what is his. How do I feel when I am on my knees, pleasing a real man? I feel powerful. I love being called a cocksucker by someone who's cock I'm sucking.

I'm perfectly all right with being a cocksucker and I feel sorry for guys who have never let themselves experience performing this wonderful act. I can't imagine not ever having sucked a cock since I've wanted to since I was a small boy, before I ever knew what cocksucking was or had ever even heard of it or any other kind of sex.

PGE is offline. Lucky, and free.

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I love doing it. It is an erotic intimate act when I suck a man's dick and savor and swallow his load of warm sperm. Guys, please PM me if your are bi-curious or gay. Nothing turns me on more as I stroke it imagining that I am sucking your dick. J1biboi is offline. How many cocks do you have to suck before you are considered a cocksucker?

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I've only sucked one cock after becoming an adult, but I really liked it and felt good about it. I hope to get to do it again sometime. I am a proud cocksucker. I love the feel and taste. If cum comes out of it I will suck it. I am a cock sucker. I like to suck cock and prefer without reciprocation. I like having my cock sucked, I just want to be clear in my objective with the man that I am going to suck off.

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If he is also a cock sucker, then by some kind of plan, we can do each other. But when I am sucking a cock, I don't want my cock involved with his mouth or anyone else's.

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I don't want my cock in a pussy. I want to concentrate on him fucking my mouth. I want to catch the clues as to how he wants to fuck my mouth and to pay attention to his movements. I want him to grab the side of my head and fuck me. When I first began to explore my same sex urges I was in my mid's and extremely frustrated from being involuntarily celibate due to a sexless marriage. In the beginning, everything had to be mutual - i didn't want to be some guy's bitch.

Swallowing was out of the question since it seemed to be uncomfortably close to the gay line. I just wanted to find another guy in my situation and discretely take care of our needs. As I began to gain experience, I was occasionally called a "good cocksucker" by my partner. At first, it rubbed me the wrong way to called that but I got pleasure out of giving pleasure and so I just went with it and would answer "thanks - I really like sucking your dick" and got into being verbal.

One encounter was rather unique. I went to his apartment and, as he had told me he would be, he greeted me totally naked. He was holding a vodka and tonic and asked me if I wanted one. I accepted his offer and asked him if he minded if I took my clothes off. He stared at me as I undressed while simultaneously making my drink.

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With just my underwear remaining, I turned and faced him as I stood up straight and paused a moment and then slipped them off. I stood up straight so he could check me out. He came over to me and handed me my drink. I held the glass in one hand and grabbed his dick with my other. I took an ice cube in my mouth and crunched it up so my mouth would be cold and put my drink down and dropped down on my knees and took him in my mouth. After a few moments I asked him if he wanted me to do anything specific.

He answered "I want you to take my dick in your mouth as far as you can and just hold it there". He was about 6" and so I could take him in almost completely so that his head pressed against the back of my throat, face pressed into his pubic hair, balls grazing my chin. My hands were holding his legs and he told me to drop them to my sides so that the only place of contact was his dick in my mouth.

Keep holding it in your mouth without moving. You are on your knees with a guy's COCK in your mouth. Over the next hour or so, we had more cocktails, took turns on each other and got each other off. He was by no means an alpha and the overall encounter was mutually enjoyable and I was turned on by the way he got it started.

MoleskineScribbler is offline. I consider myself a cocksucker even though I'm not all that experienced. But I call myself a cocksucker because I want to suck cock. I love being a Cocksucker! I love the feeling his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth till he cums! Originally Posted by curious. I really love having a guys cock in my mouth, knowing that I am solely responsible for his pleasure I had one guy talking dirty to me, saying I was a fantastic cocksucker, and he could tell I loved sucking cock by how much I was getting into it. He even pulled his cock out of my mouth and tell him how much I love to suck his cock, and beg him to let me suck it again and shoot his load all over my face.

Long story short: I love being a cocksucker. That way I convince myself such a weak minded fuck that I am not gay. Not that I give a rat's ass. Just think, can you imagine trolling gay bars looking for cock? Also, dangerous. Nope, I will stick with chicks with dicks. I love sucking cock, and wish I could do it every day. I love the feel of a gorgeous cock on my tongue, sliding in and out of my mouth, and I love cum on my face and in my mouth. I'm getting horny just writing this. Worshipping a cock is just the best for me.

It's my goal to be the best fucking cocksucking sissy on the entire planet. Hitchiker69 is offline. I love being a cocksucker.

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It is so satisfying, and I immerse myself in the act. I'm a total cock slut, but that's my dirty little secret. SVQ is offline. I'm proud to be in an elite group of people that enjoy sucking cocks. Most men won't do it even if some secretly fantasize about it.

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Many women won't do it. Many women will but as a favor and they don't really like it. I feel that I am in a special class of people who will do it and really like it. I can actually come when a man comes in my mouth. It's lovely. Originally Posted by SVQ Attached Images SUcking1. Wantstotryit is offline. SissySalina is offline. Right now empty but waiting and fanaticizing about tonight and getting all filled up. Originally Posted by J1biboi. Sunnyade is offline. Originally Posted by Sunnyade.

Originally Posted by gunthernehmen. What do YOU consider yourself? To me, being a cocksucker is the complete appreciation of the cock. I love how they look, how they taste, smell, feel.

Are you looking for a cocksucker

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