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Frankie, the Sulcata Tortise One night in late July, Frankie, the sulcata tortoise broke down his gate and escaped. Our phone is written on his carapace in fingernail polish and he has a tracking antenna on his back. The next day I was on a walk with the dogs on the old mining road behind our house.

I was on my way back home when I looked up at the dirt road ahead and who do I see waddling down it but Frankie as casual as pie. I laughed so hard I almost fell over. I mean, what are the freaking odds I'd run into him like that!? Our house borders over acres of open space land.

He could have gone anywhere, and in fact I thought he had gone in the opposite direction. But there he was, and there I was, about a mile from home. I took the retractable dog leash and tied it to his leg and then to a tree because he would have been gone in a New York minute. I ran home, the four dogs trailing behind me. My husband Archie was in DC an d in the middle of a job. The mining road has 5 padlocks and only those who have mining claims for turquoise can access the road. Todd being one of them. Todd drove me all the way down the long, worn, bumpy road. At first I thought Frankie had gotten loose from the dog leash but no, there he was resting in the shade of a juniper tree.

We loaded Frankie in the back of his car and drove back to the trading post, where his wonderful wife carried on the rescue. She followed me back to my house and then she and I - butch womanly women that we are - hoisted Frankie out of the car and carried him back into the safety of his pen.

Todd didn't even bat an eye when I needed him to come to my rescue. And neither did Pat. Our community just does for each other. What a blessing to live here. Thanks y'all! Cerrillos, New Mexico. Search this site. About Cerrillos. Area Photos. Business Directory. Cerrillos Hills State Park. Cerrillos Historical Society. Cerrillos Mining District. El Vadito Water Association.

Las Candelas de Los Cerrillos. Madrid History. Newspaper Clippings. Resource Center.

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Surrounding Area. In we started building our home and Trading Post in Cerrillos. After may years it has developed into a 28 room hacienda. We see many people every day. This place gets used. When we were young, we made 65, adobe bricks in front of the shop and over the edge of the cliff.

At first we built six rooms to live in. We had four children then, six all together. The first room was the trading post. At first we had nothing in the shop. I found a fence post and said a few words over it. Then dug a hole in the center of the room and set the post. The Trading Post was born. We then went into the Cerrillos Hills to the many Turquoise mines.

We gathered up 2 trucklo of rough turquoise. I started building the Turquoise fireplace at once. As I built it I wire brushed the rock to make it clean. When finished it glowed of beauty. That night and for a week after, I lit the fireplace, still having a dirt floor in the room and the post still in the ground.

I did not understand any of it, but I did finish reading it. I love that fireplace. We have nine fireplaces on the property now and I built two more Turquoise fireplaces since building mine. The fireplaces work great and many stories are told around them. We call them Indian TV. We make 40 different products now and the shop and museum are full of products and amazing things that we have collected. We love life. In my youth I was playing with my friends one day.

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We were running from our homemade fort in the woods through the neighborhood. We ran into one of the neighbors houses.

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I ran past my first piano. I stopped and walked back to play it.

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I loved the music from it. It inspired me. Now many years later I have a piano in my home.

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I try to play it everyday. I only play what my ears want to hear.

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I can not and will not play other peoples songs. Every piano I see, I must play it. I even played at Worcester Cathedral in England. The restaurant and bar was really hopping. I had a great meal and desert and saw the old grand piano not being played.

I asked the house manager if I could play. This was a big moment for me. I played for 20 minutes as everyone was eating, talking and laughing with friends. In my loneliness I played my songs to myself. When I was done I stood up and everyone started clapping.

My first concert. What a thrill! For payment they gave me a shot of rye whiskey. In the winter of my wife and I went to California to see our daughter; our son and his wife and 2 of our grandchildren. We crossed the Mojave Desert. It was awesome. When we got to Tehachapi Pass we crossed over the mountain and were spellbound by how green the valley was. It was a different world. On the way to Arroyo Grande we saw miles of vegetables growing along with oranges and grapes. We could not believe the bounty of it all. We spent 4 days on the ocean having a great time with our family.

Our plan was to continue our drive along the coast on US1. We really enjoyed it. We got to San Francisco, the city of my wife's birth, and went to Fisherman's Wharf. We rented a boat with my old friend as the pilot. I steered the whole time. We went out 1 mile past the Golden Gate Bridge. As we approached the bridge my friend said to be careful. I asked why and he said that on one of his tours someone had jumped off the bridge and missed the boat by 10 feet. He said that last summer 2 people jumped and missed the boat by 20 feet. We got past without incident.

Beyond the bridge the ocean was quite large with waves.

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