Cheating wives in Collins

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Rick GershmanSt. Petersburg Times Online Tampa Bay. The lovebirds nestled in a corner booth at an Italian restaurant in Dunedin, showing little discretion. Cheaters run amok on Feb. Paul Dank of the nationwide Advanced Surveillance Group said the adulterer feels the need to spend time with both of his — or her — ificant others on that day.

Or, at least, close to it. Weekends that surround the holiday also are filled with infidelity, said Dank, whose agency runs the Website www. Business is good because infidelity, in general, has been on the rise, says Dank, who credits a continual increase in male-female office relationships. The outcome was ugly. Doubly busted, the cheater ended up dejected, divorced and — Collins heard through the grapevine — demoted.

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Rick Gershman can be reached at or www. When John Raymond Bushey Jr. He reed his position as attorney for the Shenandoah Valley town of Luray, Va. And those who wade into the messy aftermath of alleged infidelity, such as divorce lawyers and private investigators, started pondering the impact the ruling would have on their jobs. Like virtually everyone else interviewed in the town of 4, she spoke on the condition that her name not be used when commenting on the Bushey case.

Bushey has declined to discuss the case. The complainant, he said, was the woman involved with Bushey. She has not been charged. On Oct. More details might come out when the case goes before a judge on Jan. Prosecutors in the Washington area could not recall the last time anyone around here was charged with adultery. Many laws seen as holdovers from an earlier morality have been repealed in periodic overhauls of state statutes.

Moran, a Virginia General Assembly delegate who serves on the crime commission. There is another reason it is useful to keep on the books a law that is seldom prosecuted, experts said: It allows individuals in civil divorce cases to assert their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when asked about extramarital exploits. Murphy Jr. But some judges in civil cases do compel bickering spouses to testify, arguing that the crime of adultery is never prosecuted.

The Bushey conviction has ensured that this is no longer the case. Sanford K. The divorce industry has changed over the years, as the role adultery plays in court cases has evolved. The rise of no-fault divorce meant that establishing adultery was no longer as important as it once was. But in Virginia, it still is a factor when a judge divides assets, sets alimony, and makes custody decisions. Private investigators in Virginia pore over court rulings such as Coe v. Coe and Watts v.

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Public displays of affection caught on videotape are a start, said Caren Chancey of Background Brokers in Bristow. Courts also look favorably on such evidence as a videotape of an adulterous couple entering a motel room in the middle of the day and spending at least two hours inside alone. If a private investigator can document the sex act — in a vehicle or through open vertical blinds — so much the better. Chancey said most tapes are never shown to a judge.

Their existence often is enough to force the cheating spouse to a settlement. People are going to be very, very good.

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And that means the Seventh Commandment will continue to be broken. Bushey declined to comment. Er nais [second wives] hurt the institution of marriage, and too many married men in China these days are taking them on. Before economic reform began, everyone was poor and relied on the richness of Maoist ideology.

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Deng Xiaoping overturned Maoism with economic reforms, but he lacked an ideology. What has come to fill the vacuum has been the worship of materialism — people in power and those with money are never satisfied.

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They need more power, more money, and with it more sex to satisfy their unquenchable desires. Go into any large Chinese company, private or state-owned, and look at the top executives. Almost all of them have several beautiful women at their beckoning.

This is very unhealthy and quite often it hurts the wives. Most of the time its women in their 40s, wives of executives of major companies — private and state-owned — and sometimes the wives of senior provincial officials. They pay, I initiate my investigation. Mostly photos. I spend a lot of time following people around until late at night. But the evidence gives them the power to seek substantial financial rewards from their spouses. Yes, there are — wives of central government leaders.

Every once in a while I get a call from a wife of a senior Beijing politician. Chinese wives need me. This article can be found on the website of AsiaWeek. Goldie Margolis, a year-old executive at a Fortune company, had suspicions about a man she was dating. But lonely and craving romance, she ignored flagrant relationship warning s that should have told her she was on shaky ground.

He never invited her to his place. They shared candlelight meals only on weeknights. Giddiness blinded Margolis. One of the more prominent examples occurred last week in Gwinnett County when Anthony Glenn Owens was arrested on bigamy charges. He duped some of them by posing as a minister. One woman, year-old Mattie Noland of Tuscaloosa, Ala. Why doubt him, the Pizza Hut employee thought, since he was a preacher? We are blinded to the point of being in love. They started dating in October and got married in June They separated one year later, after Noland caught Owens going out with another woman.

While men are just as susceptible to ignoring s that a relationship is built on a series of lies, none contacted for this article consented to have their names used. One expert estimated women are three times more likely to be fooled by men who are in other relationships.

Private investigator Mark Allen stakes out hotels for clients who suspect adultery, and he says he often spots s of an affair during the first phone conversation with the person who hires him. The man, who is offered a dozen of red roses for free to give to anyone he chooses, almost always sends them to a mistress. D Charles Williams, a Dunwoody psychologist, said dishonesty is more acute today in dating, jobs and school. Atlanta psychologist Robert Simmermon said stories about people with many lovers or con artists are nothing new.

What does this tell us about ourselves? But Anita Connor of Atlanta, who is her late 30s, said she has learned to do her homework. Fifteen years ago she dated a man who she later learned was married. You almost have to treat it like the person is an employee and you are the employer. Suspicious husbands and wives who once might have hired a private eye to find out if their spouses were cheating are now using do-it-yourself technology to check on an increasingly popular hideaway for trysts — the Internet.

Divorce lawyers and marriage counselors say Internet-abetted infidelity, romance originating in chat rooms and fuelled by e-mails, is now one of the leading factors in marital breakdowns. With the surge in cyberaffairs, a new market for electronic spying has developed. Web sites such as Chatcheaters.

John LaSage, a Southern Californian, established the Chatcheaters Web site after his wife of 23 years left him and their two teenage daughters without forewarning in to a New Zealand man she had met on-line. Chatcheaters — which offers advice, surveillance equipment and first-person stories of betrayal — averages visitors a day, mostly women, Mr. LaSage said. LaSage said he was devastated to discover, after his wife had left, that she had engaged in erotic e-mail and chat room correspondence with several men. Sandra Morris, a San Diego attorney who is president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, said the spread of Internet infidelity has raised some complicated issues about computer privacy.

6 Worst Excuses for Cheating Heard on DIVORCE COURT

Mayoue said federal statutes outlawing interception of electronic communications can apply within a marriage. Mayoue said. David Greenfield, a West Hartford, Conn. Greenfield said. He said the convenience and seeming anonymity of the Internet have attracted a new breed of adulterers, people who might have been too timid to make their first forays into infidelity face-to-face. Mileham found.

Cheating wives in Collins

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