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The weather forecast for the Thanksgiving long weekend was good, so Sue and Jake suggested that we all go up to their cottage for the weekend. Melanie and I agreed and on Friday night we all loaded our gear into Sue's Jeep and headed out, arriving at the cottage around eight in the evening. Night had fallen but there was a bright moon in a cloudless sky and we were all eager to get out on the lake, so we just slung our bags into the bedrooms and trooped through the cottage and down to the dock.

Jake and I removed the cover from their small speedboat, we all piled in and she fired the first time. Mel had hopped in the front with Jake and Sue was in the back with me as we sped away from the dock with Jake driving. The night was cool but we were all warmly dressed in heavy sweaters and jeans so nobody was cold as we roared down to the far end of the lake then cruised slowly back along the shoreline with just the single headlamp for illumination.

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It was a beautiful starlit night; the lake was perfectly still without a breath of wind and many of the cottages had already been closed up for the winter, so it was very quiet. We had the lake to ourselves, no other boats were visible and it was very peaceful. Sue snuggled into my right side on the pretext of needing extra body heat, but she really just wanted a cuddle, which I was happy to provide.

However, once she was comfortably tucked into my side I became very aware of the soft pressure on my ribs from her bountiful breasts.

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Slipping my hand under her sweater I confirmed my suspicion — no bra! Sue said nothing but she moved her hand over the top of mine to hold it in place, letting me know that she liked my hand being there. I took full advantage, cupping the breast firmly and rolling the nipple between finger and thumb. Sue turned her head up to me, smiled dazzlingly then reached over to unzip my jeans and haul my cock out into the cool air.

Melanie must have heard the sound of the zipper because she turned her head to look at us, catching Sue just in the act of popping my cock into her mouth. Mel fished his cock from his pants, giggling as she did so, then knelt on her seat and put her head in his lap to begin blowing him. Jake took us out to the centre of the lake then cut the motor back to idle so that we were just crawling along as his wife sucked my cock and my wife sucked his.

We slowly puttered towards the other end of the lake for about the next fifteen minutes as both girls deployed their considerable blowjob skills for our pleasure. I watched my wife's head bobbing up and down in my best friend's lap as his wife used her lips, tongue, and teeth to great effect on my straining cock. I came before he did, my dick pulsing in Sue's mouth as she swallowed mouthfuls of semen but kept working, determined to get every last drop out of me and into her mouth.

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When my cock finally went limp in her mouth she sat up and kissed me deep and long. You won't be able to walk by the time we leave. It took Melanie another five minutes to make Jake come in her mouth. I watched his dick throbbing between her lips and saw her swallowing repeatedly, after which she did her mother cat trick of cleaning his dick with her tongue before putting it back into his pants for him. We were now nearly at the West end of the lake, so Jake turned the boat back towards the cottage and increased the speed slightly for a leisurely trip back.

Ted was a good-looking older gentleman neighbour of theirs on the lake who had been adopted by Sue as some kind of pet, something that neither Jake nor I fully understood but that Melanie supported wholeheartedly. Sue had gone as far as giving him a blowjob for his sixty-sixth birthday and Mel had got naked as her gift to him, also very briefly slurping his cock. Sue had told her husband that she would probably get around to fucking Ted sooner or later and Mel had indicated that she would do the same when Sue was done.

Jake and I were both baffled by this but willing to go along if it made them happy. Ted waved back, still smiling. They both went off into peals of girlish laughter. You can spare us for a couple of hours surely! Back at the cottage, I rustled up omelets for everybody as a quick supper and we ate in the living room while watching a lame romantic comedy which did at least give us a few laughs.

It took her only seconds to wriggle out of her sweater and jeans, under which she was not wearing any panties, after which she threw herself onto the bed, lying on her back and spreading her legs wide. So I went down on that delightful bush of dense, curly, dark brown hair between her legs. It took only a minute or two of gentle licking and probing into her pussy with my tongue before it flowered open and made me welcome, juicing up, vaginal lips everted, clitoris expanding and hardening. I worked my tongue deep inside her, servicing her like this until she caught me by the hair and pulled my head up.

She pulled her knees up and spread her legs out to the sides, thrusting hard with her hips to get me as deep inside her as she could. I nailed her hard in that position for about ten minutes then she rolled me over so that she was on top and rode me like a cowgirl. Let me tell you, that is a sight to behold!

Her marvellous thirty-eight double-D tits were bouncing wildly and her hips were gyrating like a centrifuge as she slammed herself up and down the shaft of my cock. I began thrusting up hard with my hips as she hammered down, lifting her six inches with each collision so that she had to ride me like a bucking bronco. Sue loved it! Jake told me later that she had to take his cock out of her mouth to do that because she was busy getting him up for their second round at that point.

Oh, yes! She slammed down on my chest, digging her claws into my shoulders, and shuddering as her orgasm consumed her. When it was over she retracted her fingernails from my flesh but stayed in the same position and went fast asleep. I dozed off with my arms wrapped around her, but awoke later and rolled her gently to one side without awakening her before going right back to sleep. As I drifted off I sleepily realized that I could hear my wife moaning and that Jake must therefore still be riding her. Good for him was my last thought of the night.

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Modern De Our de has been given a fresh coat of paint and is even more user friendly. New Features We've added a few quality of life improvements around the site to better improve your experience. Hide Ad. Tags: wife swappinggroup sexoral sexblowjobs. A long weekend of wife swapping and group sex at the cottage. Friday Night The weather forecast for the Thanksgiving long weekend was good, so Sue and Jake suggested that we all go up to their cottage for the weekend.

Sue laughed. Hearing the approaching boat, Ted looked up and smiled when he saw us. We all returned his greeting as he snagged the bow of the boat and held it in. Small talk was exchanged for ten minutes then Sue informed him that we had to be going. Ted's face broke into a huge smile. What time? This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories. You may also like Give feedback, vote on their story! Send to Kindle. Report offensive post. Tell us why Please tell us why you think this story should be removed.

Cottage grove OR wife swapping

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