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Also, Lane County owner of the land on which the parking lot is has closed off the parking lot with a gate and a big no trespassing. Reportedly, no decision has yet been made as to whether they will let people walk through without ticketing them so as to reach the island which belongs to the state. The Lane County Code Enforcement people have said the reason the area has been closed is due to trashing, drug use, homeless people camping, and other under undesirable activity.

I've been all over the world, and this was one of the freest areas I've ever enjoyed. It was, I guess, too good to continue to be true. comment: There's some swimming on the front side of the island where the creek takes off from the Coast Fork of the Willamette. There are lots of trails that deadend -- purposefully and maintained by some local gay guys -- in rooms foralthough I prefer having just off the trails where all can watch.

All age groups. Crowd: Gays, straights, couples. Gay Travel Guide. Up. Follow Us:. Who's Coming Gays, straights, couples.


It is OK, however, to park out on the road. The main thing to remember is to leave 3 feet between your car and the white line to avoid a ticket; the shoulders are wide enough to do this. Police have been monitoring the old haul road for homeless campersthey are not there to bust day-use patrons. But as always it is important to be aware, and cruise carefully.

There is obviously no problem walking in past the closed parking lot. Try to pack your garbage out, as that was one of the problems that resulted in the parking lot closure. When you cross I-5, take a left at the stop. Drive past the Shell station and take the next right toward Seavey Loop. Just past it's fence is the parking lot for the nude beach. Many people park up on the roide. The path to the island is often covered by water.

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In the summer, take the left path before the road's gate. Go downhill a little and take one of the paths to the right.

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After maybe yards, it comes to a gravel road. Cross this, head right. When you see the picnic area, take a left and you will see the crossing to the island from there. Crowd:Gays, straights, couples. Just walk around and check out various trails Cruisiest Spots: The island is almost all gay on the back side away from the river. Wheelchair Accessible:No Warnings:Watch out for the blackberry and bees.

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Glassbar nude beach

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