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Wm in open relationship seeks his fwb I'm in a 6 year open relationship with a woman who I love dearly, and I am seeking my play partner. I am white, 6'2 lbs, blue eyes, shaved head, reasonably attractive 6. Looking for an ongoing fwb type relationship with white female age flexible for right woman hwp, and disease free.

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I am available weeknights, and not able to host. When you reply put "yours" in the so I know you're not a spambot. Seems my won't load, so we will have to exchange thru text. Missed connection: The way things used to be Why cant things just be simple, and just have everything be peaceful and work together. I recently had my whole life ripped out of my hands, and then had my heart ripped from my chest s of times and stomped on. I hate the fact that I am just too nice of a guy and I am too gullible. I get led on so easily it is pitiful.

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I really wish that I had an answer. First off, my wife up and took off across the country for a guy that she never met in real life, took my kid away, and now is miles away and I haven't even got to hug my son in over a year and a half. I still every weekend, and send what I can when I can But I had what I always wanted, a "family". I just was too young to realize it until it was long gone. I had a little house, with the kids playing in the back yard with the dog, I had a truck that I worked on in the front yard, I had broken sinks that I would fix Poof all gone.

Then, more recently I met a wonderful girl and began seeing her. We dated for about 6 months. I really was starting to have feelings for this girl. She and I never fought, completed each other's sentences, it was so close to being perfect. Then her ex husband found out that she was happy, and someone was making her smile and actually making her feel like she was worth something, and he went crazy. He started filing every paper he could get his little hands on, making all sorts of crazy accusations, blowing up her day and night, finally she got a restraining order put on him.

So now she is planning on staying out there with her little sister, and living out there. She didn't extend an offer for me to come with, or even show that she was sorry for what we both lost by losing us. I do understand her son comes first, because I have one, but she lost the case, plain and simple. Now she is just giving in, not going to fight, and shrugging her shoulders and basiy saying oh well.

I drive an old junker car, I don't have any expensive habits that I indulge in, and I just do not understand where all my money is going? I hate it that I do not even have money to eat, and I come home every night sore and aching so bad that I can't sleep because I am in so much pain.

I just want to see some from my hard work. Maybe some new jeans? Or maybe even a new pack of socks because all mine have holes in them. I do not ask for much, I just want to live a normal life, just not the normal life of today. I would love nothing more to find a time machine, go back and stay there. I hate that people are so cruel, lie so they can either feel better about them self or get a head somehow, I hate that this world has turned into a money hungry world and that is what makes the sun go up and down.

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I do not want to just the crowd of people that just takes what is given to them. I can not believe that people find excuses to get a to do drugs, or make up some fake disorder so they can collect a government check and sit around.

Happy on your knees much? For one, I have to pay for you to be lazy, and that's wrong And for two, "dude" weed, pot, ganja, whatever you want to it Therefore it is illegal. So yea, it really is a big deal if you choose to smoke around me, or my family. I do not want to be near it. I cant even go to a public park with out smelling it. Ok and even if you do claim for it to be a medicine, really?

Do you go to the public park where there are children running around and pull out your bottles of vicodin or oxi's? Get a clue.

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Oh well, I can't change the world. So ironiy, I too have to just accept what is around me and what I get.

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I hate it, but what can I do? All I want in life is sooooo simple, but it seems so impossible. I want a good hearted woman for a wife, maybe another kid, a dog that can ride in the truck with me when I go to the hardware store for some lumber to build a fort for the kids on the weekend, I want a job that has a normal set schedule so I can come home to my family at night, I want there to be no bills in the mail box, and I want to be able to find another soul that I can fully trust besides myself. I am done with all the ugliness of this world, and I think that I would like to live in a cave now.

If you read this, do me No, do the world a favor: When you walk around today, just keep the word "smile" on the back of your brain. If you make eye contact with someone, go on and smile. Give someone a random compliment today, It really might make some one's day. If you find yourself about to tell a lie, just stop and think about it before speaking and maybe just let that lie go in the garbage, If you are cheating on your partner Just think how they would feel if you were caught, they are people too, and have feelings just like you or me.

Really, just for one whole day, try really hard, and just be nice.

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Connecticut male looking for a relationship. Raceplay, black submissive teen for white men. Because of that I have no hatred towards men. I love the simplicity, ease of communication, and most importantly your hero tendencies. I think many married women are tired of their marriages, exhausted and simply too burned out to make their marriages work.

It is unfortunate but the truth. So many men now find themselves divorced. I like to believe I have pretty much always understood the male creature, but it has not been until now that I am finally ready to meet a man for something serious. Something long term and committed.

I am looking to meet a man I am compatible with, who enjoys having fun. To me a relationship is built on four specific aspects; 1. Communication 2. Trust 3. Sex 4. Love So what I am looking for? I am looking to date, get out and see what type of men are out there, who like me are looking for something real.

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I want to have fun. I am a NHL fan, but with the pending lock-out, not sure what to do for sports. But I am sure you will have a fun idea. I am looking for a man who has a solid head on his shoulders, solution oriented.

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