I just want excitement

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I find life so disenchanting the more I pursue things I though were my dreams. I am at possibly the top university in the world getting my masters to make the world a better place… yet I lack the joy and excitement that I should have. If this were just my problem, I would figure this out, but I think so many of us deal with this. We can have so much to be grateful for, and we very well might be grateful…however, when the achievement of a dream fails to make us as satisfied as we thought it would, it calls the very credibility of dreaming into question.

I appreciate the process of life, one might say…Nothing seems to be that exciting though… nothing could surprise me anymore. I was wondering if you had any insight on this issue… i. I have to admit that this is not only a common problem, but one of the toughest. Dreams seemed utterly hopeless and useless. Motivation was a hard currency to come by.

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What follows is a series of things that worked for me, in no particular order … I should note that some of these may sound trite, but they actually do work, for me and for countless others:. Make small, positive changes. This is a bit of a paradox. Yes, a little … but not a lot. Just get going. When I started doing this in my life, I was so excited I had to start Zen Habits to share it with the world. Banish negative thinking.

Negative thoughts are the bane of an exciting existence. It really is a choice. And it takes awareness — be aware of your thoughts and when you catch yourself thinking negative, squash the thought like a bug, and replace it with a positive thought. Seriously, it works. I did this with running and smoking when I first started, and I was able to successfully start running and quit smoking. All because I banished negative thoughts.

Look at the wonderful side of things. This is kinda the flip side of No. My internet went down? My daughter is throwing a tantrum because she wants a toy her brother is playing with? My grandfather died? Not everyone is a fan of exercise, but I can tell you firsthand that it can work miracles. It gives me new ideas, time to contemplate, time to spend with my sister who is my friend and running partner. Appreciate loved ones. And for good reason: when I do so, I love life so much more. Even just laying on the couch reading together, or renting a movie and eating take-out food, or walking along the beach together, or cracking jokes with each other — it really makes life so much better.

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At the very least, give your loved ones a call or send a nice. Pursue a passion. This was a life-changer for me.

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For many years, I was too afraid or too pessimistic to pursue my passion writing seriously. In JanuaryI started Zen Habits as a way to pursue that passion, and it was one of the best decisions of my life my wife and children being the others. Whatever your passion, pursue it with energy.

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Talk and work with other excited people. Boy, this is really a great one. I wish someone had told me about this a decade ago. And these negative, bored people would have an effect on my attitude. Even today, when I basically work alone, I collaborate with other great bloggers, with others on some cool projects … and I seek out people who get excited about what they do.

Take time to recharge. This is a good time to take a break if you can, to get out of your usual setting and your usual routine. Get great feedback. One of the things I love about blogging here at Zen Habits is the amazing feedback and encouragement I get from my readers. It has made blogging a joy, and the feedback I get has helped me to improve every step of the way.

I get excited about what I do because I love the feedback — both the praise and the constructive criticism. The more, the better. When you get negative feedback, use it to get better. When you get praise, bask in it and be grateful. Help others.

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And the feeling I get from comments like this is unbelievable. I am incredibly grateful to be able to help others, even in a small way, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Follow me on Twitter. How do you get excited about life? So what changed? What got me excited by life? What follows is a series of things that worked for me, in no particular order … I should note that some of these may sound trite, but they actually do work, for me and for countless others: 1.

I just want excitement

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