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She quickly became famous for her progressive rural cooking, with dishes like "tom thumb," a relic of the hog killing Howard knew well as : hot sausages corseted into a pig's appendix, nearly bursting as it cures, then boiled and sliced, pan-fried as a patty, and put down on a plate of Sea Island red peas. The restaurant spawned multiple PBS series and cookbooks and placed Kinston in the spotlight for the first time since its days as the political seat of the North Carolina tobacco trade.

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That was a long time ago. There's little traffic flowing eastbound toward Kinston on that final stretch of US, before the highway winds toward Atlantic Beach. Ever since governor Roy Cooper shuttered non-essential businesses last week, truckers easily cruise between essential ones—hog farms, recycling centers, Walmart—while restaurants, their parking lots deserted, compete to al they're open too. Joe Hargitt, the owner of Kings Restauranthas had better luck than most as he hustles to maintain a livelihood and a legacy.

Kings has been a roide destination sincepredating highway and hog. Frank King opened a general store atop a forgotten Civil War battlefield in a fight to keep his new family's one-horse farm afloat.

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Barbecue came later, after Frank's son returned from WWII with a new appetite, and in time the general store gave way to a patchwork of dining rooms that seatspacking in locals with a craving for "Pig in a Puppy," a 'cue and cornmeal special born at an old Kings lunch counter inside a local Piggly Wiggly. As a young manager, Hargitt transformed that dish, rebranding it as a sauce-sloppy hush puppy sandwich. He sold more than a week before March 17, when Gov. Cooper gave the chairs-up order that all North Carolina eateries conform to curbside pickup and delivery.

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Hargitt was never an ambitious student—he only came by Kings his senior year of prep school, waiting tables to pay off a window he broke putting another student through it for trash-talking his golf swing—but barbecue has since brought out the savvy in him, and he took ownership of the business from the King family in They take everything. No one in town took a hit like Howard, who laid off employees between three restaurants—including one in Wilmington—presaging the governor's actions by a few days.

It did, however, attract customers, some of them in no rush to leave. Two Mondays ago, she started feeling uneasy.

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Meanwhile she was delivering to the hospital and pharmacies and kept encountering people better protected than she was. At the end of the day, coffee felt inessential, a risk not worth taking for her or her patrons, so she decided for them. Business remains brisk next door to Middle Grounds. After slowly establishing a local clientele, the store began stocking fridges all over the country with whole lambs, half hogs, and quarters of beef. Jackie Elmore was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in November, but she persists in working. Today business is off by a half, but what she misses most is hanging out with regulars like Hoyt Minges Jr.

Minges prefers the counter here to the office, often squeezing in for steamed Frosty Morn hot dogs squished into Dainty Maid buns, cracking open a beer from the cold case and watching a game. In lieu of such company, Elmore is comforted by the view out her window.

The national news makes him anxious, but he "heard pizza is the one go-to food right now. His frustration is as much from misinformation about unused ventilators as it is lost income on walk-up orders, as diners opt for biscuits over omelets at a time when every dollar matters. Pully sold oak-smoked barbecue to visiting farmers flush off their payday at the downtown tobacco markets, serving up no-frills plates in what's now the Mother Earth Brewery and Distillery.

Lovick's Cafe opened its doors at 2 a. A silver lining is a contract to provide reduced-price lunches a day for students at a local charter school. Colomaio sees the contract as a boost for her morale, not only for herself but also a neighborhood more familiar with businesses closing than opening.

Then the pandemic turned things around. On better days, Kinston's resident philanthropist is a friendly face on the floor at Mother Earth Brewery and Distillery, glad-handing regulars when he's not refilling a glass in the tap room. Before he left town last week he was taking meetings from 20 feet away. Hill got his start working for his father's construction company.

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One day on the job his uncle offered him a taste of Red Eye, beer balanced with the juice of his mother's canned tomatoes. Now Hill cans Red Eye as Homegrownpart of the local flavor guests can experience waiting for their tables at Chef.

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Seven years ago he spotted a derelict mill village on the fringe of downtown and founded smART Kinston, a non-profit tasked with buying up and making over the old neighborhood as an artists colony—culinary arts included. A story-high steel abstract by the North Carolina artist Hanna Jubran mimics Hill's favorite yoga pose, bending its back over Mother Earth's box garden, while in the parking lot, a penny farthing welded by Miss Rose, the woman who taught Vivian Howard how to can preserves, serves as a bike rack.

A few years ago, the sculptor Thomas Sayre dedicated "Flue," a series of seven foot-tall concrete tobacco barn facades, raised on the long vacant grounds of the former Brooks Tobacco Warehouse from which they were cast.

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Mother Earth Brewing Sanitizer Production. Then Coronavirus Hit. In Kinston, North Carolina, hospitality is everything.


As the public health crisis wreaks havoc on local businesses, we reached out to every restaurant in town and collected stories of fear, hope, and survival. By Adam Robb. Lovick's Kinston NC. Credit: Adam Robb. Joe Hargitt, Owner of Kings Restaurant. Vivian Howard, Owner of Chef and the Farmer. A Chef's Life preview.

Jessy Dawson, Owner of Middle Grounds. Rural Community Kinston Captain's Corner. George Smith also gets worked up by the nightly news.

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Steve Lovick, Owner of Lovick's Cafe. Credit: Mother Earth Brewing. Close in. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

Naughty Kinston wives near Kinston

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