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For the third time in a week, a coronavirus vaccine developer has reported preliminary suggesting that its vaccine is highly effective. Moderna was one of the first developers to announce that it was working on a COVID vaccine and to move testing to clinical trials in humans. The company began a phase III trial on 27 July, and has enrolled roughly 30, people.

That trial continues. But an analysis conducted on 15 November by an independent data-safety committee found that 95 participants in the trial had developed COVID Of these, 90 were in the group that received a placebo injection and 5 had received the vaccine, which equates to an efficacy of In its guidelines for emergency approval of COVID vaccines, the US Food and Drug Administration has said that efficacy trials should include at least five severe cases in the placebo group if a vaccine is to get the green light.

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As with the other vaccines, uncertainties remain. A key question will be how many of the 5 infections among vaccinated individuals occurred in people over 65, says Evans, which could indicate whether the vaccine is less effective in that group than in others.

19. Quantum Mechanics I: The key experiments and wave-particle duality

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Need some excitement 19

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Opinion: Why exciting from vaccine research are just the beginning of efforts to end COVID