Need to taste it all

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Imagery refers to mental pictures in your mind, or to words and descriptions that create mental pictures.

Gustatory imageryin particular, refers to imagery related to the sense of taste. In other words, with gustatory imagery, the writer describes what is being tasted. Those descriptions should create pictures in your mind that make you think about that taste. A noun is a person, place or thing. However, in many cases, that 'thing' may be an intangible concept, or an abstract form of noun.

In this instance, abstract refers to something that exists apart from concrete existence.

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All rights reserved. Home Sentence Taste Taste sentence example taste. That way you don't have to taste it. I imagine it would taste mighty good. You taste like honey, love. She was starting to taste the bitterness of reality. The scent, the tastewas unlike anything she ever experienced.

I want you to taste it. He complied and kissed her deeply, enjoying the taste and feel of her despite the mix of salty tears. Other businesses in the food industry—say those pricey health foods you see at fancy grocery stores—optimize for taste and nutrition at the expense of price.

She's got a sharp tongue, but she could make shoe soles taste like fine steak. This was what she smelled, what she ached to taste. He focused on the taste of their warm blood and on tearing them limb from limb. In London he seems to have seen but little select society - partly from his father's taste"which had always preferred the highest and lowest company," and partly from his own reserve and timidity, increased by his foreign education, which had made English habits unfamiliar, and the very language 2 The affair, however, was not finally broken off till They met with a quick and easy sale, were very extensively read, and very liberally and deservedly praised for the unflagging industry and vigour they displayed, though just exception, if only on the score of good tastewas taken to the scoffing tone he continued to maintain in all passages where the Christian religion was specially concerned, and much fault was found with the indecency of some of his notes.

He had no taste for historical investigations. On the other hand, the domestic industries are extensively carried on and exhibit a high degree of technical skill and artistic taste. The exterior has been altered in French taste. He added a little tequila this time, and the absence of the plastic improved the taste more than he expected. The black memories that made him wake up screaming at night, the fear he could still taste in moments of despair, were softened by the sense of stillness that settled into him.

Burmann was rather a compiler than a critic; his commentaries show immense learning and accuracy, but are wanting in taste and judgment.

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In Voltaire came to reside at Lausanne; and although he took but little notice of the young Englishman of twenty, who eagerly sought and easily obtained an introduction, the establishment of the theatre at Monrepos, where the brilliant versifier himself declaimed before select audiences his own productions on the stage, had no small influence in fortifying Gibbon's taste for the French theatre, and in at the same time abating that "idolatry for the gigantic genius of Shakespeare which is inculcated from our infancy as the first duty of an Englishman.

Within the seven years next following he failed twice as a storekeeper and once as a farmer; but in the meantime acquired a taste for reading, of history especially, and read and re-read the history of Greece and Rome, of England, and of her American colonies.

In some measure we find this practice adopted by more than one of the Fathers, but it was the Alexandrian school, with its pronounced taste for symbolism, that made the most of it. Their houses are slightly built, but the surrounding ground and ro are laid out with great care and taste.

Then we will highlight them on the home so people can get a great taste of just how great the can be. The appeal is still to the individual, who, if not by reason then by some higher faculty, claims to realize absolute truth and to taste absolute blessedness. He was handsome, conciliatory and agreeable, and a man of refined taste and untarnished honour. The story of Tristan and Iseult, immensely popular as it was, was too genuine - shall we say too crude?

He went over every part of the translation with me, observed on every passage in which justice was not done to the thought or the force of the expression lost, and made many useful criticisms. During this occupation we had occasion to see one another often, and became very intimate; and, as he had read much, had seen a great deal of the world, was acquainted with all the most distinguished persons who at that time adorned either the royal court or the republic of letters in France; had a great knowledge of French and Italian literature, and possessed very good tastehis conversation was extremely interesting and not a little instructive.

Lower down the valley cattle-breeding is the chief source of wealth, while in the small towns and villages of the former Georgian kingdom various petty trades, exhibiting a high development of artistic taste and technical skill, are widely diffused. His artistic taste was shown by his patronage of Velasquez, and his love of letters by his favour to Lope de Vega, Calderon, and other dramatists. Among the larger trees are the mountain cedar, reaching to ft. His Life, written with admirable piety and taste by his son, Hallam, second Lord Tennyson, was published in two volumes in Great fluency and ease of diction, considerable warmth of imagination and moral sentiment, and a sharp eye to discover any oddity of style or violation of the accepted canons of good tastemade his criticisms pungent and effective.

It contains, in addition to tannin, a peculiar principle called larixin, which may be obtained in a pure state by distillation from a concentrated infusion of the bark; it is a colourless substance in long crystals, with a bitter and astringent tasteand a faint acid reaction; hence some term it larixinic acid.

Its taste is exceptionally bitter.

Your Tongue: The Taste-Maker!

William had a taste for books, and made the most of his limited opportunities. Under his influence literature became less suited to the popular tastemore especially addressed to a limited and cultivated class, but at the same time more truly expressive of what was greatest and most worthy to endure in the national sentiment and traditions. Bribery, fraud, even violence, have in turn been employed to serve the end in view: and churches, chapels and monasteries, most of them in the worst architectural tastehave sprung up like mushrooms over the surface of the country, and are perpetuating the memory of pseudo-sanctuaries which from every point of view were best relegated to oblivion.

An artistic taste will recognize the essential differences, and not endeavour, apart from questions of strength, to graft a de suitable for one on another. Prince Vasili finds you to his taste as a daughter-in-law and makes a proposal to you on his pupil's behalf. The chef is glad to adjust the level of spice of each dish to the taste of the guest, and suggests that those who are unfamiliar with this sort of cuisine start mild and work their way up to spicy.

Give your taste buds a burst of excitement by trying new cuisine. Get a true taste of the quirky neighborhood in this eclectic restaurant. We could say he has excellent taste.

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The water was cool and had a metallic taste. Deidre reached for him, straining to ease the need to taste him. She wasn't going to fall under the spell of Gabriel's strong body, his passion, his taste. The alternative was irreparable and too permanent for my taste. He drooled at the smell, his gums and body aching for a taste. He couldn't protect anyone from Sasha in Hell, and he itched to taste the woman meant to be his mate. The taste of death was in her mouth and if she looked, she knew her shoes would be covered in blood. He lifted her at last and carried her to his quarters, senses full of her quickened breath, heady female scent, sweet taste.

She has great taste. This will warm your blood, best get used to the taste. Jackson thought, Does she want Elisabeth to taste my blood? He scowled at the immediate burn and taste of acid. Now he'll get a taste for chickens and start raiding my hen house every night. Mortals are like … candy to demons. Demons don't need them, but they taste good. She handed the pale woman a food and water cube and popped two of her own.

Standing, she waded into the brush where she'd thrown the knife. It glinted in the morning light. Katie swiped it, glad the trees didn't have a taste for metal as well as Immortal sustenance. Carmen suggested a family project of redecorating the room to his tasteand Alex was in full agreement. Always wanted to taste a Healer.

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He shivered at the taste of night-blooming flowers and the salty ocean on the cool breeze. No darkness lasts the ages, Taran…I do not care to remember the sound of a bird's cry, but I wish I remembered the taste of spiced ale. He listened to her breathing, could almost taste her skin from their position. He responded to her kiss, savoring the sweet taste and softness of her warm lips.

His reminder of her failure left a bitter taste to her mouth. What do they taste like? Instead of the sweet taste she expected, it was bitter - like alum. Barely noticing the taste of blood on her lip, she kicked the bedroll away and scrambled awkwardly to her feet again.

Maybe she lacked tastebut she knew what she liked. A glass of water would taste good right now. Sure, you can eat those weeds, but what do they taste like? The water was cold and had a metallic taste she liked. The last pose with Toni was far too …intimate for Jessi's taste.

Xander licked his fangs and lips clean, enjoying her taste while she stared at him with far too much emotion for him to determine what she'd do: freak out or melt. He teased and nipped, his kiss deep enough to rob her of any resistance yet light enough that she raised onto her tiptoes to taste more of him. The kisses continued, and his tongue flickered out to taste her skin. They taste better anyway. His lips teased her, his mouth opening so she could taste him once more. Their selection for a particular purpose depends upon some special quality which they possess; thus for brewing certain essentials are demanded as regards stability, clarification, taste and smell; whereas, in distilleries, the production of alcohol and a high multiplying power in the yeast are required.

This last post left him plenty of leisure, which he used for travelling and cultivating the society of interesting people, a taste which earned him the title of Monore Ubique. Every Italian artist and man of letters in an age of singular intellectual brilliancy tasted or hoped to taste of his bounty. It has more than one advantage over the meadow mushroom in its extreme commonness, its profuse growth, the length of the season in which it may be gathered, the total absence of varietal forms, its adaptability for being dried and preserved for years, and its persistent delicious taste.

The attention of the reader was distracted, and his good taste annoyed, by the incessant use of puns, of which Hood had written in his own vindication: "However critics may take offence, A double meaning has double sense. During the winter of he completed his preparations for the world by lessons in horsemanship and fencing; and then started as his own master to taste the pleasures of Parisian life.

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The odour is heavy and disagreeable, and the taste acrid and bitter. Lydgate had a consuming passion for literature, and it was probably that he might indulge this taste more fully that in 1 he retired from the priorate of Hatfield Broadoak or Hatfield Registo which he had been appointed in June In spite of that, Lydgate is characteristically medieval - medieval in his prolixity, his platitude, his want of judgment and his want of taste ; medieval also in his pessimism, his Mariolatry and his horror of death.

The danger in this direction is that when Presbyterianism has been modified far enough to suit the English taste it may be found less acceptable to its more stalwart supporters from beyond the Tweed. It has a sharp burning tasteand is very poisonous. In the de of spires Wren showed much taste and wonderful power of invention. In he published his treatise Les Beaux-Arts adults a un meme Principe, an attempt to find a unity among the various theories of beauty and tasteand his views were widely accepted. After the division of the Roman empire, Constantinople became the last refuge of learning, arts and taste ; while Alexandria continued to be the emporium whence were imported the commodities of the East.

A taste for French literature spread rapidly, and the poets and dramatists of Paris found clever imitators in St Petersburg. We do not lie down at table until prayer has been offered to God, as it were a first taste. He particularly congratulated himself on having discovered the " philosophical argument " against transubstantiation, " that the text of Scripture which seems to inculcate the real presence is attested only by a single sense - our sight, while the real presence itself is disproved by three of our senses - the sight, the touch, and the taste. Throughout life Carteret not only showed a keen love of the classics, but a taste for, and a knowledge of, modern languages and literatures.

Organs of similar type on the maxillae and epipharynx appear to exercise the function of taste. The existence of these two works explains the widely-spread taste for ornithology in England, which is to foreigners so puzzling, and the zeal - not always according to knowledge, but occasionally reaching to serious study - with which that taste is pursued. His taste for literature was early seen, and his father Pierre cultivated it to the utmost. After Longhena's date church architecture in Venice declined upon the dubious taste of baroque; the facades of San Moise and of Santa Maria del Giglio are good specimens of this style.

But he had no taste for military adventure. Citric acid has an agreeable sour taste. The last and the worst of the Cid ball are those which betray by their frigid conceits and feeble mimicry of the antique the false taste and essentially unheroic spirit of the age of Philip II.

His knowledge of the ancient authors was wide, but his taste was not select, and his erudition was superficial. Soaps give an alkaline reaction and have a decided acrid taste ; in a pure condition - a state never reached in practice - they have neither smell nor colour. As the lye becomes absorbed, a condition indicated by the taste of the goods, additional quantities of lye of increasing strength are added.

He came to the throne after the ten years of confusion which followed the death of Archelaus, the patron of art and literature, and showed the same taste for Greek culture and its representatives. But this would not help Wagner to feel that contemporary music was really a great art; indeed it could only show him that he was growing up in a pseudo-classical time, in which the approval of persons of " good taste " was seldom directed to things of vital promise.

But with Der Ring des Nibelungen Wagner devoted himself to a story which any ordinary dramatist would find as unwieldy as, for instance, most of Shakespeare's subjects; a story in which ordinary canons of taste and probability were violated as they are in real life and in great art.

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He combined a roving disposition with a natural taste for mechanics and for literature. There are 15 churches in the city, some occupying the most conspicuous sites on the hills, all dating from the more prosperous days of the city's history, but all devoid of architectural taste.

Need to taste it all

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