Personal trainer work out buddy

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View Past Issues. By 24Life - May 22, Fitness is way more fun when you can get your friends and family in on it. Group fitness classes or partner training are two great ways to encourage your loved ones to move, or keep you able to your fitness goals. For 24 Hour Fitness Hawaii master trainer Lisa Martin, who has been with the company for two decades, has trained more than 29, sessions, and is a U. Olympic Committee certified trainer, partner workouts are a chance to bring joy to her clients.

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This is a fun way to work out and often le to smiles and laughter! If you enjoy a little friendly competition, Martin suggests doing a short AMRAP as many reps as possible workout, where you go through a series of moves and repeat them for a specified duration of time. Your goal is to get as many reps and sets in the allotted time and beat your partner. But no matter what the workout, for Martin, form is of the utmost importance.

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Below, Martin shares three partner workouts to try during your next training session. So grab a friend or loved one, and get moving with these workouts! Do as many rounds as possible in a or minute period of time. Compare your s with your partner! Pick three moves like squats, push-ups and pull-ups.

These moves will work your total body! Add something for cardio like a jump rope, the rower, the bike or the treadmill. One partner has to go a specified distance or complete a specified of jumps single-unders with the jump rope, meters on the rower, one mile on the bike or a half mile on the treadmill while the other partner has to complete as many squats or wall ballspull-ups and push-ups as they can while their partner is completing their cardio portion.

Once the partner doing cardio is finished, tap your partner and switch positions. Repeat this cycle three to five times!

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Lisa Martin has been a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness for more than 20 years. She is a U. Olympic Certified Trainer and Master Trainer. Lisa has trained more than 29, personal training sessions in her time with 24 Hour Fitness, and works at the Windward Active club in Hawaii. A mighty and fiercely curious team focused on creating stories and curating ideas for you.

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Reframe Fitness as Self-Care. Search Site. Author 24Life A mighty and fiercely curious team focused on creating stories and curating ideas for you. Movement - More to Explore.

Personal trainer work out buddy

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