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New analysis reveals misogyny increasingly prevalent online and being used to steer people into racism and antisemitism.

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Sexual violence is increasingly being promoted by the British far right, according to new analysis documenting how misogyny is used to steer individuals towards adopting racist and antisemitic views. The report, from anti-fascist organisation Hope Not Hate and the Antisemitism Policy Trustreveals how the far right has become adept at exploiting a perceived loss of status among white men.

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The investigation into the death of schoolteacher Sabina Nessa has also thrown into the spotlight the safety of women as they go about their daily lives. Influential figures include Tor Gustafsson Brookes, also known as Catboy Kami, an Australian far-right troll who rose to prominence last year for his misogynistic and racist stunts, including mocking the death of George Floyd.

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Although the subculture remains relatively small, researchers say it has spread extensively on extreme online spaces like Telegram and has drawn in teenagers in the UK. SKD, proscribed as a terror group incelebrated domestic abuse, rape and murder, and itself emerged from a splinter of National Action NAa UK-based terror group banned in Prominent members of NA are known to have associated with ONA and have convictions for sexual offences. Pro-rape discourse has spread across the wider pro-terror Nazi subculture, with one of the clearest examples being the RapeWaffen Division RWDa small, now defunct AWD splinter that operated on Telegram.

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This group obsessively promoted sexual violence, and in private chats, users solicited and shared videos of women subjected to sexual abuse, alongside other acts of violence and murder. Melzer engaged with RWD on Telegram.

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Polling of to year-olds commissioned by Hope Not Hate last year found a prevalent belief that feminism holds men back; more than a third of young people regarded it as an ideology that disadvantages men. The far right.

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UK far right promoting sexual violence against women, report finds. Mark Townsend. Sun 26 Sep .

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Sex extreme england

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Extreme views and conspiracism rising among England’s pupils, research finds