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Neglecting your sexual health can affect you and the people around you in some pretty negative ways. Although my clientele is about 95 percent Black, it can be difficult to get Black folk to care about their sexual health. My clients are majority Black women, which means the emotional, physical, and community burdens run deep.

There was a point in history when all women were denied access to their bodies and pleasure, but it definitely did not end the same way for all women. I started digging to see if I could find the split. That means most of our recorded history starts in the most disgusting moral period for this country: American slavery. If someone owned you and could violate you whenever they saw fit? An enslaved woman had no right to her body, or the offspring of her body.

She could be raped and beaten in the morning and watch her children sold on the auction block that same afternoon. Men and children oftentimes shared the same fate from male and female enslavers. Here it begins; her beauty becomes her curse. The mental gymnastics Black women had to endure to survive will never be fully understood. Imagine watching the child planted inside your womb from your captor being sold at auction in your presence, and you had no say in the matter? We do know that a common coping mechanism for sexual trauma is disassociation. Is it possible to love that can be snatched at any moment?

As a mother, is it possible to love the spawn of your oppressor? The child had to be nurtured and cared for until it became a viable source of income for the enslavers. Black women had to give themselves to the children who were forced on them, even though they would likely be sold. The only way to survive that kind of pain is to detach from your own body and sexuality. It was a survival skill many women unfortunately passed down to their daughters in an effort to prepare them for what was to come.

This social movement was introduced by women like Victoria Woodhull and Emma Goldman in the early 19th century. American society has always been deeply religious, and free love went against everything this nation stood for. The movement was based on the foundation that the government had no right to determine how you conducted your private sexual life.

Your sexual pleasure was yours and yours alone — a radical concept during a time when wives were considered property. The footage from that time is beautiful. Photos of bare-breasted, flower-toting white women twirling in a field of sunflowers and fairy dust seems almost surreal.

Where are the chocolate-breasted women with perfectly quaffed Afros in this movement? History has pitted sex against color since the dawn of America. Because of this, Black women experience a unique intersectionality that often leaves us excluded. Black women were pivotal in ratifying the 19th Amendment. Thanks to the work of women like Sojourner Truth and Nannie Helen-Burroughs, suffragists were able to secure voting rights for all women. Despite this, Black women continued to be discriminated against by the white suffragists who used them to get the job done.

Although both Black women and men were now legally allowed to vote, Jim Crow laws effectively barred them from doing so. Black women once again threw their bodies on the front line. This footage is vastly different than that of their white counterparts fighting for free love. In my research, I started noticing a trend. Mixed deep within each time period is the one thing Black folk were never denied: religion.

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Religion is the babbling brook that feeds the torrential river of racism, and no one has suffered more at the hands of religion than Black bodies. It is so sneaky and diabolical that Black folk read what the Bible said Jesus looked like with their own eyes and still put that picture of white Jesus on every vacation bible school fan they can find. The Black church is also very critical of women and girls. How do you love a body others have taught you to be ashamed of? Who teaches you how to love your body anyway?

The Black church is life in the Black community. Their work in the church was imperative to spreading voter education to obtain rights for African Americans and women during every movement. Even now, Black women continue to lead the way forward.

In AugustRep. Johnetta Elzie was on the ground during the unrest in Ferguson, Missourifuriously challenging police policies even as the people around her began dying in very mysterious ways. The efforts of Abrams and her organization placed Georgia among the highest for registered voters in the United States. Society is finally starting to grasp the importance of sexual education and the failure of abstinence-only sex ed. A poll conducted by Planned Parenthood found that, among its participants, 98 percent of likely voters support sex education in high school. Black women are largely fighting the same battles from years ago.

That means, for the most part, Black women are still not centering their bodies or their sexual pleasure. I want Black women to reap the benefits of the revolution this go around. We deserve to enjoy the spoils of another movement for once, without having to throw our bodies on the front line. It all le to the same result: gatekeeping our sexual pleasure by making us hate our bodies when they desired them, and never giving us the chance to heal when they stopped. There has never been a point in American history that encouraged sexual awareness in Black women. I want Black girls to not feel ashamed when their legs are showing.

Sexual health is just as important as physical, mental, and emotional health. You deserve to enjoy sexual freedom at no moral cost. Find you a field of flowers, take off your bra and your stockings, and twirl, sis.

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You deserve. Here are some of my favorite books that may help spark your sexual revolution:. If you want more individual guidance to help get you or your organization out of a rut, I recommend reaching out to Advantage Public Institute API. API is run by Tamika J. Cartera d alcohol, drug, and mental health counselor. Her passion for supporting women and girls of color has been the driving force throughout her year career. Catasha Gordon is a certified sexuality educator from Spencer, Oklahoma.

You can typically find her creating sex education materials or building some kinky hardware in a fresh set of coffin nails. Follow her everywhere.

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Colleges are using new simulation-based programs to help train freshman about important topics such as substance use and sexual misconduct prevention…. Ready to learn about recognizing, avoiding, and preventing transphobia? Find examples, tips to handle a mistake with compassion and grace, and more.

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Here's how to get started. Finding the split. Slavery and enslavement. The free love movement. The civil rights movement. The revolution is now.

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The bottom line. Where to learn more. Read this next.

Sex women want black teen

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Black-White Differences in Sex and Contraceptive Use Among Young Women