Valentines day movie dinner

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The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a Netflix and takeout rut — or worse, end up at an overpriced, and decidedly unoriginal prix-fixe dinner. Whether you and your ificant other are in the early stages of adventurous love or you are looking for a way to jazz up your usual routine, chef-led cooking classes are the perfect way to spice up a typical romantic dinner.

Meet up with other couples, try a new cuisine or master a tried-and-true favorite. You could even surprise your SO with a foodie gift card and let them pick the experience!

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Find a cooking class near you today. Online cooking classes let you tune in live to expert instruction from five-star chefs stationed all over the world. Learn how to whip up your own gourmet Valentine's Day dinner, then top the evening off with something sweet in online baking classes or online cake decorating classes. You can find food tours in Chicagofood tours in New Orleans and more. Book a food tour near you today. Anyone can order oysters and red wine, but it takes a true mixologist to combine and infuse aphrodisiac powers into potent cocktails to sip this Valentine's Day.

Online mixology classes will pair you up with top-rated bartenders and mixologists eager to teach you their craft, all from the comfort of home. Private chefs will come to you with all of the ingredients necessary to prepare and serve a gourmet meal, no restaurant reservation required.

Simply choose your menu, relax and let your chef handle the rest. Find a private chef near you today. The elixir of lovers, wine is romantic and intoxicating, and sharing it with someone you love is always a special and intimate experience. In addition to sampling new wines, you'll also learn recipes for small bites and appetizers that perfectly complement each variety.

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And of course, it doesn't hurt to find a few new favorite bottles of wine to add to your date night rotation. If your and your loved ones' tastes are more whiskey than wine, a virtual whiskey tasting is the ultimate in unique Valentine's Day ideas. Led by top-rated scotch stewards with years of experience, each live tasting offers insight into the history, process and flavors behind your favorite distrilled spirit. You'll also learn about gourmet food pairings and pick up recipes for seasonal cocktails that shine a spotlight on whiskey, bourbon and scotch. Why not put a creative spin on a breakfast date with online coffee classes?

Expert baristas know all of the tips and tricks to transform your morning coffee ritual into a gourmet experience. This fun Valentine's Day idea will awaken both your senses and your love for each other! Sure, there are plenty of warm and cozy restaurants you could frequent on this sweet holiday. Prep everything the night before with easy, sensual finger foods like sliced fruit, buttery muffins, fresh squeezed orange juice and some bubbly. You can even set the coffeemaker in advance, so all you have to do is walk to the kitchen and back to the bedroom to indulge in a true love feast with your sweetheart.

Melted cheese. Melted chocolate. Feeding each other. Fondue's intimate set-up can make for some pretty romantic dining. Plus, it's super easy much easier than cooking and serving a multicourse meal so you can whip it up at the last-minute. Make plants to visit your favorite sushi bar, or grab takeout for a laid-back night at home.

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Sometimes the most classic romantic Valentine's Day ideas are the best. Pack a large blanket and a basket full of your favorite goodies and then head to a tranquil private outdoor area where you and your love can enjoy each other's company.

If the weather isn't right for a picnic, then have one indoors! The benefits of couples hot yoga classes are that they can help you reconnect or find a new level of intimacy. They are also a revitalizing way to spend time with your beloved. The result can be a deeper connection with the building of more trust. Instead of worrying about how to spoil the one you love this Valentine's Day, why not indulge in some coed pampering by booking a day at the spa for you both?

Warm saunas and pools, massage therapies, and various skin-rejuvenating treatments plus Champagne will put you in your sweet spot and leave you both feeling refreshed. You can also stop off at little random locations along your bike ride and just enjoy your time together. For a true test of your relationship try renting a tandem bike.

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It might seem difficult and mildly cheesy, but it is sure to be a genuinely funny bonding moment to look back on. Cool winter temps make this holiday the perfect reason to cuddle up next to a roaring fire with a glass of wine or a couple of hot toddies and the one you love.

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Bonus points if you bring s'mores. Need a date idea as timeless as your love? Create a series of romantic clues for your partner to follow that will lead them to a special final destination. Whether it's to a restaurant where you're waiting to enjoy a lovely meal together or it le them straight to a room where you're surrounded by candles and rose petals, this is a guaranteed romantic Valentine's Day idea for the books.

Try a flirtatious foxtrot or a sensual salsa to heat things up and fill your romance quotient. You can also take a class or go see some live music that makes you want to groove. Alternatively, you can set up a dance floor at home, play your favorite music, pour a couple of drinks, and dance Valentine's Day night away. Who doesn't like to laugh? Couples that participate in sporting activities like tennis often report a stronger, better and healthier romantic relationship. The bottom line: Couples that sweat together, stay together.

If you like your Valentine enough, you might even let them win. Challenge yourselves and ascend to new heights this Valentine's Day by going rock climbing together. Plus, the one on belay can make plenty of flirtatious remarks about being the one with the best view! Hit the trails to spend some much-needed time checking out wild flora and fauna while breathing in fresh air with the one you love. Cheap drinks, fierce competition and the chance to prove your ificant other wrong. What could be more romantic?

The excitement of being in a crowd watching a powerful performance with the one you love will give you both all the warm fuzzies. There's nothing better than live music and experiencing it with one of your favorite people next to you. Of these romantic Valentine's Day ideas, which one are you most excited to try?

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