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Show episode synopsis. Johnny rents out a rooms to a woman just for the afternoon. Meanwhile, Moira lands an audition for a movie, and Alexis helps Ted promote the clinic. Quote from Alexis. Alexis: Oh. What about the bunnies that we have up for adoption? We can set up like, a little bunny cam, and stream it live from our clinic.

That is very popular with people who hate their jobs, or are in loveless marriages. Ted: Are those the people we wanna be targeting?

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Alexis: Well, it's free marketing, and you can find little homes for those little bunnies that don't have any houses. Ted: Fine! But if those bunnies feel exploited even a little bit, I am pulling the plug! Alexis: Yes. Hunny P. Quote from Moira. Moira: Okay this is really taking me back. David: Okay, um, from what? Moira: Start from five, you leave out the two, and the one. David: Okay, why? Moira: Because it's my process. David: Okay.

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Five, four Moira: One. Quote from David. Alexis: Come look at this, look at the bunnies! David: [gasps] Cute! This isn't one of those animal rights viral videos where the bunnies go through a meat processor in the end, is it? Alexis: Ew, no, David. Alexis: I set this up to get people to visit Ted's website. Poor thing is, like, out of it when it comes to selling himself. There are people watching this, David! That's like, double your Instagram followers. David: Okay, my is private, thanks.

David: There's Ted. Alexis: Yeah, sometimes he comes in and out. David: Um, Ted is taking his clothes off. Alexis: You wish, David. David: No, Ted is getting naked on your webcam! Alexis: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I ed our entire client list about this, David! I ed his parents! David: I'm obsessed with this. This is incredible! Ted looks good. David: Yeah, he does.

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Alexis: David, he looks really good. David: Okay, that's gross. Okay, so Quote from Stevie. Johnny: Hi. Uh, I and my associate, just wanted to come by and check on you, and see how you're enjoying your multiple room stay? Trish: Oh, we're doing just fine, thank you. Johnny: Good, good, good. Because we've heard through the rumour mill that, um, there have been some unannounced visitors staying in the rooms we rented you. Visitors who may be engaging in mature, if not adult activities.

Trish: And? Johnny: And that's something we didn't discuss. Quote from Johnny. Johnny: Okay, well unfortunately, we're gonna have to ask you to shut it down. Trish: Oh, you have nothing to worry about, Mr. We're a very high-end operation, and very discreet. Besides, people are making love in these rooms, whether they rent by the day, the week, or the hour. Johnny: Yeah Yeah, well Point taken. Quote from Ted. Alexis: Ted, the camera can see you.

Ted: Okay, so should I like, wave or something, next time? Alexis: Nope, the camera can see you like, after your run.

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Ted: Oh. Oh no, why didn't you tell me the camera could see me when I get back from my runs?! Alexis: I just noticed! Actually, David noticed first last night, but that's exactly when there is a huge spike in the website. Ted: I'm worse than Dr. Alexis: No, you didn't know. Although there was a moment last night, where it looked like you might have known, and you were doing this like, thing with your hips.

Alexis: No, I know, of course you didn't know. Of course! Um, don't worry, I'm gonna take it down right now. Ted: Wait. You said you saw a spike in the website views? Alexis: People were very concerned as to whether or not you would get your pants on successfully.

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Ted: Well who's to say that people weren't watching for the bunnies? Alexis: I am. That's what I'm saying. Ted: I feel that until these guys are adopted, we can't take it down, that'd be bad for business, for the bunnies' sake. I'll just have to be more careful next time. Alexis: Um Hello, who are you, and what did you do with Theodore Mullins? Ted: Well, what can I say, sometimes I like to live dangerously.

While still respecting my personal boundaries. Quote from Roland. Roland: Hey, Johnny. This place is hopping. Johnny: Yeah, well, it's uh, it's been a busy week. Roland: Uh huh. You know, I gotta tell you, when I first heard that Stevie was hitching her wagon to your cart, the first thing that came into my mind was, "Whoa, Nelly!

That horse is in big trouble. Roland: But I've gotta say, you've proven me wrong, I mean, obviously, you're doing something right here. Johnny: Yeah, well, once again, thanks for coming by, Roland. Roland: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Johnny, look. I know it makes you uncomfortable when somebody gets real with you, but could we just have one minute when I compliment you, and you don't go all, "Ooh Roland, my generation, we don't talk about our feelings, we keep 'em all [growls] inside!

Quote from Twyla. Twyla: So, I was thinking for the chorus we could sway, like we're actually islands in the stream. Jocelyn: Oh yeah, that's good. Jocelyn: Moira, what about your big movie? Moira: Oh that, they're still hounding me, but I took a moment to stop and think about what is really important in life, and while the Bosnian Riviera is a majestic locale, it can't hold a candle to singing with you wonderful working women here, in our makeshift rehearsal studio.

Jocelyn: Well, I'm flattered, but Twyla's been working on your part for the duet, and I really don't think that that would be in the spirit of things to take that from her. Moira: But the song was my idea, Jocelyn. John and I made David to that song, in Pusitano. Jocelyn: Twyla, what if you took Moira's part for the duet next week? Twyla: [gasps] I would be honored! God, it'd be such big shoes to fill. Moira: No, Twyla, no. No deprecatory mocking. One must champion oneself and say, I am ready for this! Otherwise, the pressure could be crippling.

TV Quotes. Whole Site. Schitt's Creek. Rooms by the Hour Aired February 7, Johnny rents out a rooms to a woman just for the afternoon. Quote from Alexis Alexis: Oh. Correct this quote. Quote from Moira Moira: Okay this is really taking me back. Quote from David Alexis: Come look at this, look at the bunnies! Quote from Alexis Alexis: I set this up to get people to visit Ted's website. Quote from David David: There's Ted. Quote from Stevie Johnny: Hi. Quote from Johnny Johnny: Okay, well unfortunately, we're gonna have to ask you to shut it down.

Wanted discreet Alexis Creek

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