Weekend friends for outings

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No matter how old you and your friends are, painting is a fun activity that allows you to destress and bond at the same time. Streaks n Strokes offers free online painting classes so that you and your friends can create painted des on either a personalised t-shirt or a tote bag. They even sell painting kits and fabric paints on their website, so you can purchase a set for 3 to 5 members of your group and get creative together! This is an activity that can be done from your homes or literally anywhere else with Internet connection — talk about convenience!

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Want to learn more about art and artists? Head on down to the Esplanade for the free art exhibitions!

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Just look out for the many free exhibitions that esplanade holds every year! Price: Free. In just an hour or two, you will all learn how to create beautiful pieces of art while immersed in their relaxing atmosphere. Not only do you get to spend time with friends, you each get to take home a little piece of nature for keepsake. Location: Direction and exact address will be provided upon confirmation of workshop.

Hunt out the most aesthetic locations and unknown hidden gems, get dressed to impressed, and have your own photoshoot series to commemorate your friendship. The fun and engaging exhibits have evolved and now they include more technologically-advanced articles that are sure to amaze you and your friends! Also, be sure to have your lunch at the iconic Macdonalds at the entrance of the Science Centre. Explore the Flower Dome with your best buddies before heading down to Satay by the Bay for good, authentic local food!

This is for sure a great way to end a nice meet-up session with your friends! Location: 2 Orchard Turn, Level 56, Singapore However, most of us do not have the time or money to live that life. A great alternative for those who are on a time and money crunch is to go camping at Pulau Ubin! No planning required! Just head on down to Changi Point jetty and hop on a boat! The rest is up to you and your friends fancies!

But remember to pack enough sandwiches and cold drinks as fishing in nature is more of a waiting game than a fast-paced activity!

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The sheltered area provides shade that will prevent you from being sunburnt, and yet, the area is open enough for fresh air and cool breezes! You have the option of either prawning or fishing so you and your friends will not be limited by the choices! Pick as you please! The unique sub-zero environment allows you to go snow tube and make snow angels! Experience drifting on ice on the 5 minute bumper car ride! You are totally allowed to throw some snowballs at your friends while you are at it! From more than board games, this cafe will not fail to keep you and your friends busy on your next day out!

Price : Depends on package chosen. Enjoy a Fish Spa experience with your friends! Also, if you are up for it, go fishing for Longkangs! The iconic Ten Courts of Hell may now offer a new perspective to the older and wiser you. So visit Haw Par Villa with your friends for a walk down memory lane! Past exhibitions include, Andy Warhol, Pixar and Titanic!

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Come down to the ArtScience Museum with your friends for an educational and exciting museum journey! Location : 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore The exterior of the temple is said to have been inspired by the Tang dynasty. Experience a piece of Chinese culture with your friends by visiting this temple said to contain a relic of Buddha! Focusing mainly on food, fashion, film and photography, the museum is a great place to hang out and learn more about the art scene! Price : Free for Singaporeans and PRs. Location : 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore It is a great place to meander after an afternoon filled with sandwiches and coffee.

So come on down explore the beautiful pieces of art with your friends! Price: Varies depending on exhibition. Theatre performances are known to be a feast for the eyes and food for the soul. So pick one of the many theatre performances available at Singapore Repertory Theatre and watch as art comes alive!

Price : Varies depending on play. Location : 20 Merbau Road Singapore Find out about water consumption and usage in Singapore while participating in the engaging activities NEWater offers! This unconventional experience is for sure something you and your friends will remember! Price : Free. Location : 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore This trail includes interesting landmarks including institutions, burial grounds and health centres.

Go on this exciting journey with your friends with a cold drink in one hand and your camera in the other! Besides enjoying the beautiful architecture and colourful scenes, you will be able to taste authentic Indian food from different regions of India and also indulge in a bit of shopping!

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In addition to the rich history, the architecture is breathtaking and the stained-glass windows are a sight to behold! Immerse yourself in the world of hindu mythological creatures and Indian architecture! This is a great way to learn more about the Hindu and Indian culture and history in Singapore. Grab your friends and head on down to Sri Mariamman Temple!

Location : South Bridge Rd, Singapore Learn more about the Japanese Occupation in Singapore and let your history lessons in school come alive! Explore the treasure cove of biodiversity present in Chek Jawa! Observe the unique and rare birds found on the island! Attend a guided tour by experienced tour guides to spot these rare breeds more efficiently and learn more about the environment! But arguably, the Botanic Gardens is also a great spot for coffee-loving hipsters! Just along the outskirts of the Botanic Gardens are some well-known cafes that serve delicious coffee and food!

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So after a day of exploring the beauty of nature, settle down at one of the many cafes near Botanic Gardens for a refuel! Besides that, be sure to catch the free guided tours and learn more about the marine life in the Sisters Island! How to get there : 15 minute ferry ride from Marina South Pier. It is a great spot to stroll with your friends while soaking in the serene atmosphere at the Park! This unique experience will let you see a different side of nature and also take some cool pictures while you and your friends are at it! This magical rainforest is a great night activity that offers tranquility and an awesome light show!

Visit the famous panda pair and go on a boat ride to observe amazonian wildlife! The newly opened Lakeside Garden not only provides a great and scenic environment, it has fun, new play areas that is open to everyone! So bring out the child in you as you and your friends play your heart out! Location: Yuan Ching Rd, Singapore This indoor skydiving experience gives people the experience of skydiving without the attached risks that come with jumping out of an airplane!

Location: 43 Siloso Beach Walk Singapore Make your plans early and gather all your brave and adventure-loving friends for this fun day out! The USS offers fun and exciting attractions and rides that will appeal to any adrenaline junky! If you are a student, be sure to get the student packages which are super worth it! But it still offers the same excitement and fun as the rides in USS! Just remember to load up on sunscreen before you and your friends head down to Wild Wild Wet! Just be sure to leave some time in between your lunch and the visit to the trampoline park!

No mishaps needed! Location: Cineleisure, 8 Grange RoadSingapore Inspired to be put in an adrenaline driving situation without the real risk of getting hurt? The best option for you is the Trapped Escape Room! Exciting escape rooms like the Purge room and the Mental ward room are sure to keep you and your friends pumped to find a way out. It offers a variety of great food and a retro, funky vibe that will go with any instagram aesthetic!

Location : 37 Rochester Drive, Singapore So grab a picnic mat, some snacks, a few drinks and your dearest friends for a picnic date! Enjoy the panoramic city views as you enjoy the company of your close friends and great food! If so, be sure to spend an afternoon at Central Perk Singapore! Enjoy a meal at Central Perk with your friends while taking instagram-worthy pictures on the iconic orange couch!

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This hawker centre is not only large, but it offers a multitude of food options that you will not be tired of! Moreover, most of the hawkers there are award-winning! So be ready to feast! Bring your dog-loving friends along and have a delicious meal while being in the company of the lovely, cute and adorable doggies.

No problem! The Cat Cafe offers a great experience for all cat-lovers! Dine and converse with your friends while petting the cats in the cafe! Location : B Victoria Street, Singapore I would highly recommend participating in the feeding of the goats! It will definitely be a different experience for you and your friends! Volunteering at the SPCA is a perfect fit for your cliche! Do something good for the furry friends and have fun doing it! up as a volunteer now! Get close and personal with the multitude of animals residing in the quiet and serene animal resort!

From exotic birds to the cute rabbits, the list is endless! Come down and see the wonderful animal resort for yourself! Singapore may be a small island but it has a lot to offer! In this article, we have compiled a list of 55 things that you and your friends can participate in for your next big get together! So stop going to the same eatery at the same location for your weekly gatherings, and instead pick one of the many exciting activities from our line up!

Activities for the Artsy. Watch Art and Indie films with your friends at the Projector!

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The movies screened are lesser known but they often contain impactful messages about society and is highly thought provoking. Book your tickets for your next movie date with your friends now! In need for some inspiration? Behind every beautifully-shot Instagram photo, is a good friend. Activities for Explorers. If you have not wandered along the aisles of Mustafa with your friends on a Wednesday night, you have not lived! Get sucked into a world of shopping like you have never experienced. Find items that range from camping gear to exotic snacks, all here in Mustafa!

This hour outlet will not fail to disappoint you and it is sure to bring some laughs with some of the quirky items that Mustafa carries. You would have for sure visited the Singapore Science Centre as a primary school. Transport to a scene from the Crazy Rich Asians with your friends by visiting the Gardens by the Bay!

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Weekend friends for outings

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