Who wants to get their dick sucked

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Okay, okay, we get it. But clamp down on this, gentlemen: Sometimes you suck at getting sucked.

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We take the time to do you a solid and go down on you, and you act like you were raised in some kind of dick-sucking barn. No manners, no gratitude and no dick-suckee etiquette to be found. For starters, a little gratitude goes a long way. Recently, Dan Savage illustrated this in a response to a question about whether or not a straight guy should feel bad about taking free, earth-shattering blowjobs from his gay friend. Savage let the advice-seeker off the hook for taking the sexual favors so long as his friend gave them freely, enthusiastically, and consensually.

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Savage wrote :. Your best bet on getting that dick sucked is to never expect it and never ask. It sounds counterintuitive, but humility is important: The less you pester a woman for a beej, the more inclined she is to want to give it to you.

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The less you pressure her to feel guilty for not doing it more, the more she wants to surprise you with great blowjobs, because you are more likely to be a happy customer, which makes her more likely to want to do it again. If you are so lucky as to get a blowjob, make some noise, pal.

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This turns your woman into a stand-up comedian in front of a stone-faced crowd. That means more than one grunt right before you launch.

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Have some fun with it, weirdo. Otherwise, go at her pace, assuming you want this to ever happen again. Surprise sploogers rank a notch below minute men.

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Some informal polling suggests the desired length of a blowjob is anywhere from three minutes to an hour. An hour? I better be getting paid. More than that is grounds for leaving, right after she sets the place on fire.

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A quick, easy cum will make a woman see giving you a blowjob as something she can fit in before work in the morning, or in between commercial breaks. We lead busy, complicated lives. You want a blowjob or not?

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Who wants to get their dick sucked

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